How to Achieve Home Office Efficiency

Having a home office and working from home can be a wonderful thing especially if you previously worked in an office where you had to “go along to get along,” where your time wasn’t your own, and where you had to endure seemingly endless meetings where bosses droned on and immense amounts of time were wasted. On top of that, when you think about all the time that was wasted commuting, it makes the 30 second commute to your home office a dream come true.

But it’s not all perfect. When there is no schedule, and there is no “boss” on site there is a tendency to become a bit sloppy. It is easy to procrastinate. Priorities can become confused, and the very things that make a home office wonderful, the freedom and control that you have, can become a detriment to efficient office operation unless you recognize the potential for these type of problems and are pro-active in preventing them. It’s not hard, it’s just a question of doing it!

For example, businesses generally have set hours, say 8AM to 5PM with an hour for lunch and a morning and afternoon break. There is a reason for this. A set schedule sets the tone, there is a time to work and there is a time to eat and to gossip. In a home office, there is no one to set a schedule but you. If you don’t set a schedule it will be much harder to separate your personal life from your business life. For example, if your spouse and kids know that you are in your office working from 9AM to 11AM and are not to be disturbed until you take a break, they will be much less likely to barge in with trivial daily matters that could just as easily wait until a more appropriate time. From your own standpoint, if you have specific hours set for working you are much less likely to procrastinate. Oddly enough, by setting specific hours, you will probably find yourself working fewer hours, and much more likely to get your work done during normal working hours rather than in the evening when it is much healthier to be relaxing with your family, or simply having some leisure time. 오피

In a typical business office there is someone who come in after hours and vacuums the carpet and empties the waste basket. Additionally in a business office there are clerks that do the filing and take care of keeping business materials in an orderly fashion. This is very efficient as it enables managers to find files and documents quickly when they need them, and to work in a clean uncluttered environment. In a home office you have the same need for instant access to information, but no one to organize it for you. Unless you start off organized with a good filing system, and unless you keep it up to date on a daily basis, you will find that you spend an inordinate amount of time searching through stacks of papers looking for things. Every efficiency expert will tell you that the fewer times that you handle a piece of paper the better. So when you are finished with a document, mail it, file it, trash it or shred it, whatever is appropriate, but don’t put it in some pile to be dealt with later. Also empty your wastebasket before it is overflowing. Empty your shredder before it is jam packed, and keep your desk neat and clear of half finished paperwork, half filled coffee cups, and other debris. Coming into a neat office in the morning is much more conducive to work and is actually refreshing as opposed to walking into chaos and clutter.



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